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in need of desperate help :(

firsttimemommy started this conversation

Just wanted to give everyone an update with the pregnancy. Everything is going great with the baby, i found out that i am having a little girl and i am going to name her Peyton Neveah. Right now im having a really hard time because im living in an apartment with my boyfriend, his mother, and his older brother, and things are just so uncomfortable and stressful for me that i literally come out and stay with my best friend Kirsten throughout the week until my boyfriend comes home on the weekends because he works out of town. I had to overhear his mother talking on the phone the other day saying that i am lazy and i won't go out and get a job and that i think everyone should wait on me hand and foot and that she isn't going to do that and doesn't care how sick i am with this pregnancy and that she doesn't care for me and this baby and just basically does not give a shit about me and does not like me. My boyfriend won't stick up for me because he says if he says something to her, then he is going to get kicked out and he doesn't have anywhere else to go.. My parents have been offering me to come home and help out with everything but i moved out for the fact that my dad has major control issues, and im really scared to take the chance and move home after the fact that iv'e been out on my own for almost 3 years. And my dad will be a prick and tell me that i can't have my boyfriend out to their house and i can't be away from him. I really don't know what to do, and we can't afford to get a place of our own, does anyone out there have any suggestions on what i can do? I only have another 3 months left to find a place and get ready for the baby, i really need help, i am an emotional wreck and need HELP!!! Please message me back..


Thank you so much,

Becky Levinson <3

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Reply to Firsttimememommy---If your boyfriend is afraid to confront his mother now what do you think he will be like after the baby is born. If you think your parents are hard on you it's because they love you and they are thinking ahead, you know? the future. You asked for help and suggestions and I will give it to you. Your boyfriend doesn't sound like he is even ready to take responsibility of a gold fish let alone you and a baby, he sounds like he has to grow up a whole lot more before he becomes a father. I highly suggest you go back to your parents house where your loved and your baby will be cared for and you can get your life together and get a job after the baby's born. When you became pregnant you lost the right to think of yourself first. Your baby has to come before what you want or your boyfriend wants. You need to be in a stable environment where mature adults that love you can help you and NOT in your boyfriends house. You have to swallow your pride and put your baby first and you owe your child the best you can give it. If your parents don't want you boyfriend around they probably have a good reason for their decision. Maybe he will have to show them he can man up and act like a grownup and put you and the baby first. You really don't have a choice here, if you love your baby please do the right thing for it and yourself and go home. You have no idea how much your parents love you, just think about how much you love your baby right now even beore it's born, now muliply that love by a million and that is how much love your parents have for you. Please, Please make amends with your mom and dad and let them help you. If your boyfriend loves you now he will love you a year from now all the more, it's up to you now. Does your baby come first or does he come first? I wish you the very best my dear and I pray you will make the responsible decision. Sincerely Sheshe030

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